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Vinoker also engages in solar module installation for homes, hospitals, hotels, livery yard and dwelling, farmhouse and workshops, power solution for house boats and we have even gone as far as offering power solution for Haiti Hospital Appeal, an NGO. Haiti Hospital Appeal is a charity organization set up to improve the medical situation of the country Haiti. Now even before the earth quake, things became totally unworkable and the decision was taken to install an independent power system. This was where Vinoker and her associate partner came in.

The system now ensures an uninterrupted power supply to the hospital. When Grid power is available, it is utilized. In the event of Grid failure, or when power demand is low, the bateeries take over. The generator is automatically powered up when power demand is high or if the batteries need to recharge.

With an abundance of sunshine, solar panels also provide an additional resource for meeting energy needs and changing the batteries which reduces the need to run the generator, cutting down on fuel consumption, servicing needs, noise and CO2 emissions. Before fitting the solar PV system, the hospital was spending $4000 per month on diesel and this has now been reduced to a fraction of that cost. Payback for the investment can be measured in months rather than years.