VINOKER (RC 1099367) was registered with the primary purpose of providing solutions to the energy industry particularly electricity and gas. As times are changing, the worlds needs and demands are also changing and increasing, and that gave birth to the idea of renewable energy being eco-friendly and saving the planet. In doing so we now extended our expertise in Nigeria where a niche came up for off-power grid solutions due to irregular power supply in the country.

Solar power solutions as well due to excess sunlight created a niche for that aspect of our business in Nigeria. Water engineering as well, security systems, and lastly business solutions.

VINOKER integrated resources limited also has a combination of industry-specific managerial experience and consulting competence with extensive process technology and practice know how, meaning we are able to advise and facilitate on behalf of our esteemed clients through their entire value chain.


An organizational commitment to provision of quality support services, consultancy services, management training and development services our esteemed clients can confidently depend upon.
Here at VINOKER our aims and objectives are to provide quality and professional services in the renewable energy industry, excellent training in business development and lastly number one in energy consultancy.
To become a globally recognized company in all forms of alternate energy supply and service.